Dashboard Examples and Templates

Tell the story of your performance with the right business dashboard.

A business dashboard is a business management tool used to visually depict the performance of an enterprise, a specific department, or a key business operation. Like a vehicular dashboard, an effective business dashboard inspires action by sending clear, consistent, and highly relevant messages about your performance. Use these dashboard examples to point your business in the right direction.

Executive Dashboards

Executives want information about their business in a way that is accessible, easy to understand and accurate. These executive dashboard examples explore the different scenarios facing the C-suite and looks at how dashboards can summarize key facts about the business.

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Sales Dashboards

Sales teams need information about their performance presented in real time to allow them to capitalize on new opportunities and sell more product than the competition. These sales dashboard examples demonstrate how sales teams are accessing this information.

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Marketing Dashboards

Marketing professionals use dashboards to monitor their campaign performance so they can connect with their audience and increase brand recognition. These marketing dashboard examples show how top marketers are tracking their marketing efforts.

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Business Dashboards

Business dashboards are used by many different departments and industries with the same purpose in mind: improve performance through data-driven decision-making. These business dashboard examples demonstrate some of the different dashboard options available to your business.

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Supply Chain Dashboards

Your supply chain consists of many moving parts and it is a challenge to monitor and report on how each component in your supply chain is performing. These supply chain dashboard examples keep your operational performance front and center. 

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Call Center Dashboards

Call centers need to be connected to the latest metrics and KPIs to monitor call volume and deliver the highest quality service to customers. These call center dashboard examples show some of the ways call centers are using real-time data to improve operational efficiency.

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Healthcare Dashboards

Healthcare providers and administrators need to manage costs, adjust services, achieve compliance, and reduce wait times for ER and critical procedures. These healthcare dashboard examples show how they are using data to deliver the highest standards of service across the board.

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Social Media Dashboards

Social media marketing is about managing multiple profiles on different platforms to create interest in your brand. To effectively manage a social media campaign, you need to see your efforts within the larger context of your business. These social media dashboard examples show how marketers are connecting all the dots.

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